5 Simple Ways to Brigthen Your Day

By: Georgie Morley

Regardless of what life throws at us, it’s helpful to remember the simple ways we can shift our mindset and refocus our energy. We asked our friend, Georgie Morley (lifestyle blogger and host of the Chasing Joy podcast) to share her tips for staying positive during times of uncertainty.

Georgie laughing with flowers

1. Simplify Your Routine

Pre-Quarantine, I used to listen to four or more podcasts every morning, most of which were news and politics-related. Right now, I’m spending my mornings making pour over coffee and slowly enjoying it on the porch. That’s it.

2. Find Fun in the Now

Without knowing how to plan for the future, I’ve been finding so much joy in focusing on one day at a time. Simple things like music sounds better, coffee tastes richer, and birds chirping can completely change my morning mindset.

3. Get Creative

One of the positives that has come from my TikTok obsession is finding lots of joy and creativity in capturing videos of simple moments. I’ve also picked up my step dad’s film 35mm camera from the 80’s. I revel in the process of learning a new creative skill (even if I look silly in the process).

4. Open Your Mind Through Nature

I’ve always been an island girl, and now more than ever, being near the ocean shifts my perspective and opens my mind to new possibilities.

5. Feel Gratitude In Your Body

Having some kind of morning meditation or movement every day has helped me fully embody the feeling of gratitude.

A few more simple things that have been brightening my days: listening my favorite (Beyoncé) playlist, swapping voice memos with friends, journaling, and treating myself to flowers.

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