Inspiring Messages from the Class of 2020

By: Life is Good

It’s times like these that help define our character, so I’m hoping to prove to myself that I’m tenacious and optimistic under pressure.

-Mariah Reneau, Appalachian State University

These are historic times that make you appreciate everyone around you. Never taking hangouts with my friends for granted ever again!

-Lauren Mayer, Stockton University

It’s allowed me to spend more time with my family before college this fall.

-Kayla Murphy, Morgan High School

It has made me more appreciative of what we feel is “normal.” For example, going to the store, going to my favorite restaurant and spending time with loved ones.

-Katy Howard, Stephen F. Austin State University

I’ve had the chance to reconnect with my family and spend a lot of time searching for jobs and perfecting my resume.

-Reilly Olson, UC Berkeley

I was able to start a position at a job in my field.

-Mary White, University of Montevallo

Life is Good because you have people who care. 

-Olga meza but I do by ruby, Frazier mountain high school)

I get to spend more time with family.

-Brooke Barup, Western New England University

It shows you what is truly important, which I definitely will keep in mind as I move forward in life.

-Lexx Talbot, Saint Anselm College

Adapt to unknown and be open to not knowing what will happen.

-Jacie Schneider, Nova Southeastern University

I want to remember to take time and pause and just remember to breathe.

-Katy Dukes, Eastern University

I serve as student body president at Michigan State. Being able to assist the university administration in responding to student needs has been deeply meaningful. Along with this, we made over $150,000 worth of allocations to assist students and the overall community during this period of life.

-Mario Kakos, Michigan State University

I hope to say that I grew. I grew more thankful. I learned more about myself. I took the time to breathe. I appreciated what I had.

-Sadie Craig, University of Portland

I will be grateful that I have had a safe home and enough money to get by during this quarantine. I will definitely be a lot more grateful when I am out in the world with my friends.

-Jenna Dambek, Purdue University

Patience and a greater appreciation for human interaction.

-Holly McIntyre, Wilfrid Laurier

How to focus on work while at home!

-Suzanne Opalka, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

I think lessons to take into the real world is to value each other, value the small office talk, value the annoying person at the gym, because we all know we miss the big things, but quarantine brings out more and suddenly you find yourself missing the small things.

-Alison Seramur, Appalachian State University

Life is good because I still have a job.

-Rachelle Manns, Indiana University Northwest

Life is not all about what you accomplish, and if you find your worth in your success you will soon be left with nothing when it all fades away. Learn to be still.

-Alyssa, West Virginia Wesleyan College

I’ve learned that time is a precious thing and we should seize every moment!

-Reagan Gorgas, University of Mississippi

How much I appreciate being on my own or with friends.

-Bri Bucci, North Royalton High School

It has given me time to reflect and re-evaluate my life and what I value most. I will try my best to live my life in the moment and cherish every second I have with loved ones.

-Katherine Carroll, Boston College

Into the “real world,” I’ll remind myself that there are positives all around us and take advantage of things I used to not even think about.

-Abby Korb, Ripon College

I have learned that it’s okay to breathe and let myself be okay with not having everything figured out.

-Libby Wittman, Central Washington University

Be more appreciative about EVERYTHING.

-Miya Sylva, King Kekaulike High School

I’ve been able to write a much larger thesis than I imagined!!

-Hannah Weisman, University of Maryland, College Park

Again, seeking the value and importance in the small things. Not getting selfish. Value what I have and my relationships.

-Kate Bystrom, Augsburg University

I have so much less stress finishing this year off.

-Vickie Gould, Vancouver Island University

I get to spend more time with my family before I go off to college.

-Mackenzie Price, Meade County High School

It has taught me many lessons and helped me gain a new perspective on everything. I will be thankful for the extra time with family and the support I have received.

-Madelyn McGrady, Wheatland R-II High School

I will be privileged enough to look back at these times and remind myself that I am surrounded by love and kindness and to never go to bed angry at the people I love, for I will never know the last time I will see them.

-Taylor Olszewski, Rocky Point High School

The lesson that relationships are important and community can be a source of hope.

-Elizabeth Ekman, Gonzaga University

I will look back and be thankful for the time that I was given with the people I would have otherwise not have been around and use this as a learning period to reflect and never miss the chance to seize my moment.

-Peyton Mohrhusen, James Madison University

I have learned to be resilient. I have had so many good memories taken from me, but in their place new ones with my family have occured. I will take into the real world the virtue of communication and the importance of staying together even in hard times.

-Claire Berry, Loyola University Maryland

I will look back on this time as one in which people came together even when faced with extreme uncertainty about the future. People helping people makes us stronger.

-Elisabeth Cooke, Regis College

Moving forward I will continue to be appreciative of everything and everyone around me. I also have developed a routine to live healthier so when we get back to our busy lives I can implement ways to prevent overworking myself.

-Lauren MacWha, University of Mary Washington

I’m going to be one of those annoying dads telling “back in quarantine” stories. I will also cherish the simple things in life: everyday interactions, greetings, filled workspaces, and maybe even traffic.

-Thomas Gilbert Jr., Texas Christian University

I think I’ll remember the way that people came together. There’s something completely surreal about living in such a tumultuous time. It’s the scariest thing I’ve seen in my lifetime, but I’ve never seen a sense of community like this before either. There is such an outpouring of empathy and story after story of people doing good. I am hopeful that this era will serve as a mindset shift for others like it has for me, and that this sense of care for one another will not be soon forgotten.

-Lucy Wagner Saint Francis University

I am exercising more.

-Jennifer Thomas, Peoria Notre Dame High School

I think I will appreciate this time as it taught me to be flexible, more understanding, and I got to spend a lot of quality time with my family. It has shown me that this world is not at all perfect, we are all humans, but that we can work together to make this world a better place, because that’s exactly what we’re doing now.

-Kirsten Stenger, Indiana University Bloomington

I’ve indirectly been given lots of opportunities to think internally. This has allowed me to deeply consider how the past 4 years have affected & changed me as a person, and how I want to approach a future that will forever be different from what I expected it to be.

Georgina Garza, The University of Texas at Austin

Live everyday like it’s my last.

-Emily Erman, Mukwonago High School

I have learned to be thankful for what I have and have been actively donating as much as I can, and I am fortunate enough that I am able to do so.

-Taylor Mewhiney, Sacred Heart University

I will definitely continue to make more time for myself and enjoy being able to go somewhere. –MaKenna Green, Colorado State University-Pueblo

I’ll make sure I recognize my blessings.

-Paige Pesterfield, Eagle Point High School

Learning that it’s okay so feel sad and upset but turning that into a positive thing. Looking to find the sweet moments of life, even if it’s not what you expected! I’m going to cherish nature more, not being able to go hang out at parks and beaches is something I find that I’m missing most!

-Mara Christina Alvarado, High Point University

It has been nice being home with my family.

-Mary Motch, College of William and Mary

I will definitely remind myself that it’s ok to stop and breath, and that it’s ok to take a break every once in a while. I would also like to remember to get adequate sleep, I’ve felt so much more energetic since I’ve been able to rest!

-Sam Herron, Northwest Nazarene University

Be appreciative of the daily things you have cause others might not have them (i.e. school, job, etc.).

-Tya Woods, Jacksonville High School

That things can change in an instant.

-Hanah Chadwick, Henry

I’ve had more time to be creative through art projects and crafts, as well as spend them with family.

-Bella Christophersen, Lake Zurich High School

Appreciate everything, even the simple things like having a good parking spot at school, you never know when that can be taken away. I’d give anything to be pulling into the worst spot in the lot right now.

-Ashley Montgomery, Ogden high school

When this is all over, I will be more compassionate towards everyone I meet. We can all relate to each other in this situation, which means we all know to treat others with kindness.

-Becca Worthington, Verdigris High School

This has brought me a lot closer to my friends. Together we’re all going through the same thing and now we are all working together to find alternative ways to celebrate our senior year such as all hanging out on FaceTime dressed up on the night that was supposed to be our prom night.

-Eternity Rodriguez, Frank W. Springstead High school

I’d tell my friends that I love and appreciate them in every way I can.

-Jesse Olmos, North Side High School

It has taught me to be flexible.

-Shanna Lynn, The Citadel

A lesson is nothing is guaranteed so don’t take anything for granted. Even the small things like a Taco Bell run at 1:00am

-Erin Karafa, Spring Arbor University

It instilled change that no one needed to see. It changed perspectives. It blossomed love and hope in places we didn’t know needed it. It put faith in healthcare workers more than we ever knew we needed. It has opened our eyes & this is something I’ll never forget.

-Laura de Rosales, Carthage College

I have been able to start a weekly trivia night with all my friends.

-Bridgette Whalen, Bridgette Whalen

Be appreciative. Be kind. Be patient.

-Victoria Wildhorn, Nova Southeastern University

The friends that I have are being such a security net, caring for me in a new way.

-Morgan Casto, Saint Vincent College

Lessons I will take with me are the importance of community and supporting businesses. Be thankful for those who can house and take care of you during unprecedented times.

-Alora Sparling, Vanguard University of Southern California

I will remember to slow down and appreciate what I have. I’ve learned a lot of recipes that I’m sure I won’t forget!

-Isabella Pattacini, University of Connecticut

I don’t get to see my twin brother all that much anymore because our schools have different schedules, and he’s moving to CA for grad school! So being home and getting to have this “bonus” time with him is great.

-Casey Charbonneau, The College of William and Mary

It has allowed me to reflect on the last four years and discover what I truly learned and gained from my university years.

-Meaghan Kilmartin, McGill

Life is good because I have God. I have family and friends who love me and support me.

-Alyssa Walther, Luther Preparatory School

Life is good because we keep going and we keep loving.

-Jay, NCSU

The lesson that I will take from this is that the health of the people I love and mine is the most important thing in life.

-Jamie, Hunter College

Things such as spending time together in groups, going to sporting events, and taking vacations will mean a little more when this is all said and done.

-Allie Chapman, Nova Southeastern University

It has made me have a better relationship with my mom because I am now with her all day, every day.

-Dara Tuttle, Selinsgrove Area High School

I’ve gotten to spend more time with my fiancé (because we are quarantining together).

-Emily, Purdue University Fort Wayne

I have become more active and been eating healthier.

-Paige Chase, Montgomery College

The biggest lesson I will take away from this is not to take anything for granted even if it something simple.

-Alison Bouchard, Saint Anselm College

Seeing the importance of family and the time you have with loved ones.

-Janelle Poitras, Stonehill College

Time is of the essence! Enjoy all you have that moment because you never know when it will be gone!

-Hannah Hayes, Frenship High School

I am able to finish my classes online at home, and enjoy all of the things to do outside.

-Katie Reid, Purdue University

Be flexible. Take what comes, and make the best out of it that you can

-Madilyn Barker, Fair Grove High School

When I look back at this time, I will remember how I tried to make the most of it. I have made the effort to connect with friends, try new recipes, read the books that have been waiting for me all semester, and spending quality time with my family.

-Mackenzie Orlosky, University of Arizona

Being able to power through even when it seems like everything is going terribly and working against you. Keep motivated, stay positive, and just keep moving forward.

-Jessica Young, The College of New Jersey

Life is good because family friends and support.

-Tanner Vassar, Northeastern Clinton Central

I will recognize this time as a major learning opportunity. I will take my lesson of being flexible with me to future jobs.

-Kaitlyn Rondeau, Keene State College

Never take anything for granted.

-Gretchen Hahn, Clinton High School

I like getting to support local businesses by ordering takeout. There’s been lots of new places I’ve tried that I probably would have never gone too otherwise.

-Kaylee O’Donnell, University of Virginia

Life is good because my friends truly care.

-Briana Ehrhart, Blackford High School

I’ve have been able to cook for myself which I like.

-Corynne Breen, Wheaton College

More time to try and care for myself.

-Kaitlyn Hoagland, Delaware Valley University

The main lesson I’ve gotten from all of this is to not take the things in life you love for granted.

-Lauren Gurney, Shelter Island Union Free School District

I won’t take my level of freedom for granted.

-Chatham Mills, Saint Joseph’s College

Being present in the moment and taking on things day by day.

-Madison Awender, Algonquin College

I have a lot of free time so I’ve been going for lots of walks and runs. My weekly mileage has quadrupled from where I was before this started.

-Caroline Alexander, NC State University

I will always look back at this time as my moment in history. This is something that textbooks will have and I’m living it. So it’ll be remembered as a hard time for me, but a historic one. I’ll be taking many lessons from this time. How to live life to the fullest and not taken anything for granted.

-Eve H., Frenship Highschool

Appreciate the time you have with your friends. Also, don’t procrastinate…you don’t know if something will be cut short.

-Natalie Feder, University of Louisville

I have been able to reflect more on myself and my mental health. Since everything is slowed down, a break is necessary or even welcomed, where it may not have been before.

-Andrew Schuster, University of Massachusetts Lowell

I learned to spend every day like it’s the last.

-Kourtney Wall, Merrimack High School

Appreciate what you have and live in the moment. Be thankful everyday for health and good friends.

-Sarah VanSickle, University of Guelph

It’s allowed me to spend more time with my housemates, who I’m incredibly sad to be leaving at the end of this semester.

-Corinne Zimmerman, Calvin University

I will look back on this time and think about the important things in my life. Family and friends in particular.

-Justus Stajduhar, Mossyrock High School

Professors have been more lenient for a lot of things.

-Kathryn Bonner, Ferrum College

I’ve definitely learned a lot more about staying healthy, and I think that when restaurants and bars and parks open up again I’ll enjoy them more than I did before.

-Meredith Siegler, Temple University

I will be more grateful from any moment I spend with my friends.

-Bailey Adams, Frenship High School

Learning new hobbies.

-Rylea fox, Campus High School

I get to sit down and really think about what I want to do for college.

-Torrance Campbell, Kickapoo High School

I guess I’ll look back and say “we can get through anything.”

-Katie Overstrum, Dickinson College

I have a lot more free time! My commute to school was 30 minutes, so I’ve also saved on gas.

-Erin Upshur, Mississippi State University

I actually got a post-grad job out of it!

-Reagan Castleman, Florida State University

I will not take my class time and time with friends for granted.

-Sara Adams, Crawfordsville High School

I’ll definitely miss all the time I had to bake. I don’t think I’ll take the time I can go out with friends for granted ever again, and definitely plan to not take on so many things & make sure I still have some down time for myself put in my schedule.

-Shannon Silliman, Bayside High School (Palm Bay)

I’ll look back holding onto every moment that I can. Don’t expect anything to be a guarantee.

-Meghan Conover, West Seneca West High School

This entire situation has put everything in perspective and given me more time to think about what is important to me and the things I previously took for granted.

-Rebecca Frazier, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

I’ve spent more time with my family and have been able to help them in a time of need. It wouldn’t have happened if I were still in school.

-Abby Ozburn, Georgia College and State University

I get more time to take up new hobbies.

-Bryleigh Beauchat, Sidney CSD

I will look back on it as a memory that wasn’t always good but still had positive times. It was hard, but we managed. Don’t take things for granted because you never know when you won’t have access to those resources again.

-Tris Carriere, Niagara College

I won’t forget it, that’s for sure. I think my lesson is just to keep learning. Be smart, not ignorant. Stand up for yourself and be proud of your accomplishments

-Michelle Galvan, Stephen F. Austin State University

I think the most important lesson I can take from this would be to be open to change, and accept thing you can’t change.

-Brianna Martineau, Radford University

I am able to spend more time with my family, especially my brother who goes to a different college.

-Elena Lostoski, Elon University

I’ve been able to completely focus on schoolwork.

-Kyra Blaker, University of Delaware

It’s been nice to get to spend more time with my family before I go off to college!

-MacKenzie Jump, Stratford High School

Appreciate time with those currently present in your life. Don’t take opportunities for granted. Go “all in” right from the beginning. And lastly, always speak up – your opinions/thoughts/emotions are worth it and valuable.

-Elizabeth Anderson, Liberty University

I get to be home with my family.

-Jasmine Washington, Oregon State University

I will see this as the time the world came to a halt and where people sought new ways to interact with one another. I will see this as the end of my senior year of college, but the beginning of my career in healthcare. I will remember that when I treat patients I need to make sure I take every necessary precaution to ensure that their health and safety is maintained.

-Julia Costarella, Quinnipiac University

I think this experience will ingrain a sense of appreciation I will hold with me forever. Appreciation for all the small things I used to take for granted.

-Miranda MizenWaite, Western Washington University

I have become a lot more of a positive person. No matter what I still wake up every day even if I don’t like the outcome of the day.

-Kenadi Whitaker, East Buchanan

Not getting to say goodbye to the teachers and friends. Also not getting to walk across the stage.

-Jennifer Steinkamp, Red Hill

I will look back and think about the amazing story that I have to tell about my senior year of college and how my graduation happened. One lesson I will take in the “real world” is that I need to appreciate the small things in life because they can be taken away in a matter of days or even minutes!

-Susan Belew, University of Mary Washington

I worry about how college is going to be since we didnt “finish” high school. I’m hopeful for starting a new journey and meeting some new people in college.

-Pearl Young, Quakertown Community High School

I will learn to be patient and remain positive in anything I complete!

-Carlie Rudzinski, Nichols College

The lesson i’ll take into the “real world” would be to cherish life because it is fragile and can change in an instant.

-Abby Sheffield, Catholic High School of Baltimore

Cherish time with friends and give all the hugs.

-Eva, Wesleyan Christian Academy

Going to school 2000 miles away from home, this pandemic has given me extra time at home to spend with my parents.

-Makenzie Nelson, University of Wisconsin Madison

I see that my teachers truly care.

-Emma Price, Hilbert

The lessons I’ll take with me is that just live in the moment and make the most of it. Never turn down an opportunity (unless necessary)!

-Hannah Price, Lenoir-Rhyne University

Cherish your friends, because you don’t know when you will see them for the last time.

-Alle Holcomb, University of Arkansas

I’m sure I’ll have a million ways to fight boredom!

-Hannah Mattes, Texas State University

I get to spend more time at home.

-Sammy Dee, Brigham Young University- Idaho

I look at this as something crazy and unbelievable. I learned everything happens for a reason and things could be worse.

-LilyAnna Thompson, Triton High School

Patience is a learned skill- Patience with yourself is the first step.

-Tennessee Rose, University of Southern California

I learned to never take anything for granted

-Heather Whitley, Kean University

I feel like all of this happening to the class of 2020 wasn’t just a negative at all because this entire event made a lot of us realize to never take anything for granted and to just relish in every aspect of your life. Although our senior year was unexpectedly cut short, we still were able to have a senior year and that’s what matters.

-Wren Dees, North Marion high school

Yes, savor every moment.

-Emily Gordon, Skidmore College

Never take anything in life for granted, remember and be thankful for what you do have. Tell the people you love how you feel about them and do your part to help the world.

-Stephanie Garner, Elms College

Nothing is promised. Nobody really has any idea what the future holds for us. I have spent much of my life planning and scheduling every hour of my life. I don’t want to go back to this and being stressed all the time. I want to remain focused on the present moment and living there.

-Emily Smith, Central Washington University

I will see that every day is a gift. You literally do not know when you might never be allowed to be in the same class room or clinical or school as your best friends again. Live in the moment.

-Stephani Esposito, Southern Connecticut State University

I want to remind myself to take a break, self care, and enjoy every moment you have with the people you love.

-Rachel Patterson, Spring Arbor University

I suppose the lesson I’ll take with me is to not take the presence of others for granted and that our time together is limited, whether we acknowledge it or not. We should take the opportunity to appreciate our friends, peers, families, and everyone, really, at all times.

-Kelsey Vinzant, Fordham University

I’ll look back on this one day and see the impact it made on my life and how I overcame something that took over my whole life and changed everything in a second. The lessons I’ll take in the real world will be to forgive because life is too short, and to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones.

-Arianna Cauntay, Coronado High School

Life is good because my sheep and friends.

-Montanna, W.F. West High School

I will take back with me a bigger appreciation for my friends and family.  I’ll definitely hug them a little tighter next time I see them.

-Dixie Alexander, Fannin County High School

Just to live each day to the fullest.

-Robert Clark, Riverside Christian School

I will remember to stop ruining life’s most precious moments by staring down at my cell phone. I will be more in the moment.

-Annie Rastovski, Purdue University

More time to study for boards, haha.

-Delaney Knight, Augusta University

Life is good because I am still alive.

-Kathryn Smith, Highland ISD

I have gotten to spend some much-needed time with my sisters before I head off to college in the fall!

-Serenity Parsell, Berkeley Springs High School

Live in the moment and enjoy freedom and worry free life

-Cassidy Sams, University of Nebraska at Omaha

I know one day my kids will ask me about the corona virus and I’ll tell them that they should be thankful for all the doctors, nurses, etc. that kept the world going through a dark time. I will also be able to appreciate the little things more like going to the movies and going to school.

-Shelby Faherty, Platteville High School

I will be thankful for family memories. It was a happy time. I realize how important it is to be with family and make sure to appreciate every moment I have healthy.

-Liz Mitchell, Indiana University Bloomington

It has been great to spend more time with my parents.

-Emily Matt, The Master’s University

When this is all over, I hope that I look back and realize that I came out of this better than I went into it. I hope it sets me up to face any adversity later on down the road as a strong and experienced human being.

-Zhanna Miller, Flower Mound High School

Crisis management, building more close relationships, and remaining calm in stressful situations are all big lessons

-Kyle DeGood, Christopher Newport University

I think I’ll be a bit upset at the loss, but I’ll look back and become more understanding

-Stevi Berry, Kickapoo High School

I’ll look back and think wow that really happened. Say yes to more experiences and opportunities.

-Erin Shifflet, Lower Dauphin High School

Being much more grateful for things in the moment.

-Samantha Moore, Ryle High School

I’ve gotten to spend more time with my family, than I did while having school.

-Gracie Dick, Smith County High School

I will look back and not take the little things for granted. I will enjoy school and live every moment to the fullest.

-Madison Anglin, Central Valley High School

One way this has impacted me is that I get so spend more time with my family before I leave for college in the fall.

-Jorden Tackett, June Buchanan School

I always try to be positive during difficult time.

-Claire Hopkins, The Lab School

I get to work full time at my job and save more money for college.

-Adrian Lotshaw, Greenfield Central Highschool

Love each other. No matter the race, gender, or age. Love each other because we don’t know when our last day is.

-Haley Matthias, Indiana University-Bloomington

More time for hobbies and being with my dogs!

-Haley Miles, The College of New Jersey

One lesson I will carry with me is take care of yourself while also caring for others. While being quarantined isn’t ideal, I’m saving myself and people in my community and my loved ones.

-Kari Haaversen, Minnesota State University Moorhead

Getting to spend more time at home with family before going to grad school.

-Lindsay Ramos, Augusta University

I’ve been able to spend time with my family.


This event will definitely be generationally defining. In the future, I think I will focus more on experiences.

-Rachel Guest, Mercyhurst University

It has put things in perspective. We are getting married in August (hopefully!) a couple of weeks before I start my job and that was stressful. But now, we are looking to it as what will hopefully be the first celebration for our friends and family in a long time.

-Maya Weinstein, University of North Carolina School of Law

Everything happens for a reason right? You can’t go back after it’s happened. After this, the world will come out even stronger.

-Hannah Barg, Norfolk Senior High School

Looking back, I will be thankful for the amount of time that I did have with my family. Lessons that I will take into the real world will be to be more patient with others and passionate about life in general.

-Suzi Seaton, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

I’ve focused on myself a lot more, and I’ve put into perspective my well-being and physical and mental habits.

-Haleigh Bourque, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

I’m learning to be my own person and become a better version of myself and doing things I would never do unless I had this time.

-Bridget O’Shea, Wilmington High School

I will remember to always value those around me and remember that I can get through anything.

-Joely Overstreet, Genoa-Kingston High School

Appreciate people while they are there.

-Chayann Rober, Central

2020 is definitely the year I will want to tell my children about. “The year where the world had a pandemic and the US almost ran out of toilet paper.” But the lesson I want to tell my kids one day is to be grateful for what you have before it’s gone. I never thought my senior year would end this way, but it did. And if I would have known, I would have done things differently.

-Breona Doughty, Gibson Southern High School

Because of online classes I will get certification for a light board program that wasn’t offered in person.

-Ash long, Savannah College of Art and Design

I would want to live in the now and not say no to plans just because I don’t want to get up and interact with others.

-Haley Brooks, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Cherish the little things.

-Jennie Lively, Northeast State Community College

The lesson I learned is to not take the simple things for granted.

-Danyelle Thompson, Catawba College

I get to spend more time with my family and cook more.

-Lauren Rice, Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

I will look back and remember to never take anything for granted. Time, people, moments, and most of all, memories!

-J’Nae Dear, Frenship High School

I will take the lesson that we need to really appreciate our communities and where we live because they are what helped us through the toughest times.

-Kayleigh Rennie, Forest Heights Community School

Giving me the chance to spend more time with family and self appreciation

-Abby Farman, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technicals College

I’ve grown a lot in my creativity. I made an Instagram account for my senior class!

-Serena Voss, Central Community High School

It has allowed me more time to focus on things that I enjoy doing (writing, painting).

-Erica Burnett, Winnetonka High School

I’ll probably remember to cherish the small things.

-Leah, Coon Rapids High School

I have learned that every moment is precious.

-Katie Long, Frenship High School

I will definitely be thankful when this is all said and done. I know I won’t be taking anything for granted and I will live every moment to the max!

-Shaelyn Kiser, Maumee High School

Take every moment like it’s your last. Because you never know when your last will be.

-Jaime Frank, Stanwood High School

I think the main lesson I will have learned from this is just to appreciate the little everyday entitled moments that much more. To appreciate the checker at the grocery store or the barista making my coffee, even the ability to leave the house and human interaction. To have the privilege to even see my friends again when so many others won’t get to after the pandemic.

-Karsen Kehlet, Southern Oregon University

Just to remind myself to practice gratitude. The daily things in your life that you complain about…you’ll miss those things too when they’re no longer an option.

-Kaitlyn Joseph, California State University, Chico

That I lived in a pretty tragic time through my senior year, but that I came out more ready for what life will throw at me. Be thankful for what I have cause one day it may be taken away

-Zachary Eisenberg, Greenwood High School

I will definitely look back on this as a lesson to never take anything for granted. Enjoy the small things in life. Live every day like it’s your last day.

-Kalysta Tighe, Hanover Area Jr./Sr. High School

I will have a clearer look on life and learn to appreciate the little things.

-Jaycee McLean, Southeastern Oklahoma State University

To make sure to be careful and consider others more.

-Shannon Oneal, Jeffco

I’ve picked up some new hobbies and interests I probably wouldn’t have had time to pursue with the busy schedule I had with school and everything else open.

-Claire Adams, Catalina Foothills High School

Life is good because I still have those who love me.

-Hannah M.

You were never really bored before.

-Elise Perritt, Family Community Christian School

I’m so relaxed.

-(No Name), UBC

I’ll definitely appreciate my surroundings, education, and friends a lot more than I did before. I know when my generation is older, we’ll be telling stories of 2020 to our own children and telling them how much they should appreciate what they have before it’s gone.

-Aya Koji, Oshkosh North High School

Be kind. You don’t know what people are going through. Have patience. Take time. Stop and smell the Rose’s. Don’t get stuck in the fast paced life style all the time. Breathe its gonna be ok.

-Sydney McKee, Chenm homeschool

Creating memories with my family for these are times of which we are together all day, every day for I’m truly appreciating.

-Anjel Buckles, Howard University

I think I’ll appreciate physical contact, going out to eat, going to the movies, and quality time spent with friends and family much more.

-Kylie Stuhltrager, Penn State

Never take any moment for granted.

-Libbey Dresser, York University

Life is good because I have amazing friends.

-Rebekah Sterling, Edward Little High School

It will definitely be a story to tell. Honestly this time has not been terrible for me. I miss my friends but I’m closer to my family than I have been since I lived at home.

-Ally Eaton, UNC Chapel Hill

Live in the moment.

-Erin Newton, Oregon High School

I learned how to make masks and I got more time with my mom.

-Rachel Short, Centralia High School

I’ve learned to adapt to situations, try to remain calm when everyone is loosing their mind, and grateful.

-Chelsea Deculus, McNeese State University

I get to spend a lot more time with my dog.

-Kyleigh Tulanko, Wright State University

I’ve been able to spend time with my family

-Simma Lamb, Hofstra

Don’t take things like school for granted.

-Keli Adkins, Wyoming East

I think I’ll look back and see that I took this momentary pause of life for granted. When things get hectic in our lives we long for times like this where we can just sit at home and do nothing, but that’s not actually what we want in most cases. I think this will tie right into the lesson I have learned already about appreciating the smaller things for life and trying not to take things for granted.

-Karishma Patel, University of Washington, Seattle

Be more careful, and have even more appreciation for essential workers.

-Chasely Gardner, Oak Glen High School

I’ll look back on this time positively because I am getting to spend a lot of time with my family, which I’ve enjoyed. Lessons I will take with me will be remembering to still keep distance from people, continue to remain grateful for life and everything we get to do in life, and washing your hands is always important.

-Clare Rief, Elms College

Yes, I will be more appreciative of what I have whether it is what I want or not. I have learned to be more motivated at home and can take pleasure in the small things too.

-Lauren Birner, University of Wisconsin- La Crosse

The small things mean a lot as well. Don’t take life for granted.

-MacKenzie Mortimore, Pennsylvania State University

I will appreciate the time I get to spend with people more.

-Gracelyn Willard, Hood College

I will look at the positives that high school gave me and the friends I have made along the way.

-Allison Berger, Mercy High School

I, like many people, and especially seniors, will never take a single moment for granted again. I wish I could go back and tell my past self that, honestly. I will probably tell this story to every future generation, because let’s face it, it’s a pretty good one.

-Tara Sholtis, Athens High School

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from this is that there is an opportunity to grow throughout every hardship you experience. It’s okay to get upset, but it’s still important that you show up and do the best that you possibly can even in the most unideal circumstances. In these moments of uncertainty we grow in the most unexpected places and develop a greater sense of gratitude for the good times.

-Morgan M., The University of Vermont

This change has taught me things which is how it impacted me positively. Unexpected things happen in the world and you just have to accept it. We can’t change what happens in our lives when something happens. It has taught me patience, this experience has shown me you have to just wait and take it as it comes. Lastly, it taught me that life will go on yeah we don’t get these most important memories, I wanted them to. The class of 2020 will forever be remembered I’m sure. We just gotta make are future years so much more memorable.

-Caitlyn Detrick, PC

You can’t take for granted the time you have with people you love because it could be gone when you least expect it.

-Kaitlyn Blanchard, Fairfield University

I will never take my freedom for granted, freedom to visit my grandparents during the week, my cousins, my in laws, the ability to simply get in a car and spend the day driving around stopping at various destinations. Running errands even!

-Emily Pirrello, Montclair State University

I learned that it is important to spend time with those you love.

-Megan Dusci, Shepherd University

I have been more into dance.

-Emily Boynton, Oceanside High School

I will remember how important it was for everyone to work together for the greater good. I have a greater understanding of community.

-Madelyn Stillman, Immaculata University

Life is good because of my family and dogs.

-Renee LeClerc, Ursinus College

I will look back at this time fondly because I have spent more time with my family than I have in a long time. I can say the most valuable thing I’ve learned is that you can’t control everything, you have to just deal with what life throws at you.

-Emma Touchette, Virginia Tech

To enjoy everything and live in the present. Don’t push things off if you can do it now do it.

-Mariellen Hardy, Stonehill College

I will cherish the time spent at school with my friends and at work.

-Anne Carrigg, Winnacunnet high school

Online schooling is actually fun.

-Isley opichka, Depere high school

his quarantine has caused me to slow down and breathe. I was really busy while school was in session, and I had a lot of things planned for these few months. While I hope some of these events still happen, I think in the long run it’s good that I had a chance to take a break from my hectic schedule and put less pressure on myself.

-Shelby York, Owen County High School

When this is all over, I’ll remember this time as the time we fought against an enemy by staying away from each other. Lessons I’ll take are to listen to my body, and let myself feel my feelings.

-Diana Perera, Embry Riddle Aeronautical

Our school and staff are amazing and are trying their hardest to make prom and graduation happen in a way we would love.

-ZuDiia Hill, Vale High School

Life is good because I’m with my family and no matter what I will always have them.

-Bailey Price, Columbia High

More than anything, this has taught me that nothing is more important than people. Taking care of others should always take priority over making a profit or helping myself. I want to make that my perspective heading into the business world.

-Kira Knapp, Southern Utah University

I hope I’ll be able to remember how it felt to sort of take things for advantage and resolve to do good things so that when I think back on them, they’ll make me smile and feel like I was a good person.

-Mattie Linville, Loretto High School

Appreciate each and every single day!

-Danielle Ly, University of NC at Charlotte

This time is definitely a time of reflection for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I should be more appreciative of each day, my home, the food I have, and my family.

-Melison McDonald, Auburn University

I will see it as a time of growth but also as a time of depression for the world.

-Marie Fehring, Omro High School

I can learn in my own time.

-Tricia Elefante, St. Francis High school

I will remember the things that I missed out on but will hopefully be able to see how I overcame this.

-Madison McGinnis, Shorter University

I finally figured out what college I was going to.

-Rachel Cline, Ballston Spa High School

Always be nice to everyone you meet.

-Whitney Keith, Mattoon High School

I learned how much I am capable of withstanding.

-Julianna VenDouern, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

This has taught me to take nothing for granted and take everything a day at a time.

-Kaylee Pelkey, Radford High school

I’ll look back and never take things for granted in the future. Life is too short to take things like a simple hug and an “I love you” for granted.

-Casey Eller, Catawba College

Sure it was sad, sure things didn’t go as planned, but maybe there was a reason for all that. Let’s be grateful for more than we were before!

-Courtney Butler, Truett McConnell University

It’s made me look at more grad school options and given me experience teaching online.

-Emily Hackerson, University of Minnesota

I’ll have learned to adapt and overcome in spite of unprecedented challenges.

-Claire Guyer, Hudson Valley Community College

One positive way that this has changed me for the better is that I am working on handling my mental health better everyday. These times are difficult for everyone and it has helped me take time for myself and develop easy way in which I can support myself both mentally and physically.

-Madison Breen, University of New England

I will look back on this time with appreciation. This is all God’s will.

-Lindy Acker, Fayette County High School

I will never take anyone or anything for granted ever again. I will forever be so thankful to wake up early and learn all day. I will now always be grateful for every moment, even the little ones, I get with people.

-Whitney Eichelberger, Penn Manor High School

It’s been hard not normally interacting with my classmates during classes. It’s weird to think how I will probably never see some of them again.

-Grace Ray, Oregon State University

Lessons that I will take with me are never take anything for granted and try to slow down.

-Alyssa Fennyery, UMass Dartmouth

Don’t take your freedom or the simple things for granted.

-Marisa, Fleming College

Time is limited.

-Erin Hupy, Burlington High School

I got engaged during this time so this time will always be special to me.

-Emily Johnson, University of Iowa

Appreciate what you have.

Caitlyn young, Waterville High School

I have connected with my family more.

Taylor Blackwell, Georgia a College & State University

I’ll definitely learn that I shouldn’t take things for granted at all.

-Makayla Koski, Apa

The lesson I have learned is to live life to the fullest because one day it could all be gone.

-Halee, Fort Meade Middle Senior High School

That time is precise and you can’t take anything for granted.

-Tori Tripoli, Manchester Memorial High School

Lucky to be alive. Cherish the moments while they last.

-Melissa Russell, Lebanon Valley College

I’ve been reading and cooking a lot more than normal.

-Emily Ritchart, Louisiana State University

I have learned how important connection with family and friends is.

-Hailey Berrigan, Ann Arbor Pioneer High School

I get the opportunity to spend more time with family.

-Brendan Baughman, Delsea Regional High School

I have become stronger because of every thing.

-Tatiana Plowman, Lee’s Summit North High School

I’ll look back and think how lucky I am to have friends and family I am able to stay connected to.

-Cassandra Gaal, University of the Pacific

I look forward to the day when we can go outside and play sports and high five our friends.

-Adam Sherberg, University of Kentucky

I have been able to give back to my community by sewing masks.

-Laura DeNeve, Marian High School

It has taught me to not take anything for granted.

-Alexis Bolton, Gallatin High School

Time, whether spend alone or with others, is precious and should be spent joyfully.

-Annie S., Northwestern University

I will look back as a survivor.

-Jackie Honkus, Conemaugh Township High School

Has allowed me to take time to focus on rehabilitation following my hip surgery in December.

-Samara Johnson, SUNY Brockport

I have had time to spend time with my parents.

-Cory Stemerick, First Coast High

I think this has helped people become more compassionate and appreciative of others. Hopefully that continues!

-Lee Kennedy, SUNY New Paltz

Never take life for granted because its the only life you’ll get.

-Chelsea G, UNC

I get more time with my family

-Leah Caggiano, Virginia Tech

Appreciate your family and what you have around you!

-Meagan Presti, Guelph University

I’ll certainly have a greater appreciation for the small things in life.

-Sydney Bohn, Simley High School

Made new friends.

-Annie C., University of Valley Forge

I think i’m going to look back and appreciate that my family was there with me the whole time.

-Kayla Gallagher, Southern Columbia High School

Lessons that I will take from this experience include appreciating all the essential workers who are going to work everyday and putting their health on the line and just to hug people like it’s the last time you will see them.

-Brittany Brovetto, SUNY Oneonta

The lessons I learned from this is to never complain about a situation or people, because you never know when your “lasts” are your lasts.

-Katherine Wofford, Trion High School

Just to be grateful for what really matters. Commencements and weddings and baby showers can all be rescheduled, but you can’t reschedule a life.

-Maryann Rehani, University of Wisconsin – Madison

More time with my family before I move away for grad school.

-Sarah Ali, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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