Must-Haves for Happy Hiking

By: Tess Hinterbichler

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using any excuse I can to get outside. While I love my city-living, the sidewalks can be congested and outdoor spaces are limited. Luckily, here in New England, there are many hiking trail options, from the White Mountains and the Berkshires to smaller, local trails. It’s a great social distance-friendly activity with so many health benefits (vitamin D, fresh air, and even a little cardio!). Whether preparing for a short hike or for a full day of exploring, here is my checklist for what to pack for any adventure!


  • A hat (sun protection is a must!)
  • Sunglasses
  • A towel (if you are hiking to a pond, lake or waterfall, perhaps?)
  • Layering options – I like to bring a long sleeve Crusher Tee
  • Extra pair of socks (in case the trail is muddy or wet). I prefer calf length socks to protect from ticks.
  • ID/ID case
  • Snacks! (I like to make my own trail mix using my favorite dried fruit and nuts)
  • Water (gotta keep those hydration levels up!)
  • Face mask or covering – be courteous to other hikers, cover your face when passing others on the trail (this is also a good deterrent for bugs!)
  • Speaking of bugs, gotta have bug spray!
  • A morning hike might include mug with your favorite hot beverage
  • Sometimes I’ll bring a film camera to capture the moment
  • A journal to draw or write about my experience
  • Don’t forget a comfortable backpack to carry it all

If my pup, Sadie, is coming along, I am sure to bring:

  • Collar with her ID tags attached
  • A leash
  • Portable water bowl (she needs to stay hydrated too!)

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Tess Hinterbichler
Men’s & Kid’s Apparel Designer

Tess is the Men’s and Kid’s Apparel Designer at Life is Good. On the Product team, she designs new silhouettes, researches concepts/trends, and merchandises graphics and color to help create your latest Life is Good product.

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