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At Life is Good, our mission to spread the power of optimism is built on the belief that optimism is a powerful and pragmatic strategy for accomplishing goals and living a fulfilling life. Optimism enables us to acknowledge obstacles but focus on opportunities that lead to progress and growth.

10 years ago Mel Robbins was stuck in an unhappy place in life overcome by crippling anxiety. Today, after deciding to use tools like optimism and her 5 Second Rule she has completely transformed her life and has spent the past decade inspiring, motivating, and elevating people around the world.

Mel explains her 5 Second Rule in her blog post:

"It works like a charm to help you wake up on time, but its true power is in how it helps you shake up your entire life. Here’s how you use it:

The moment your instincts fire up (or you know you know you should do something) but you feeling yourself hesitate, that’s when you use the Rule. You have five seconds. Start counting backward to yourself, 5-4-3-2-1, then move. If you don’t move within five seconds, your brain will kill the idea and you’ll talk yourself out of doing it.  

Five seconds is how fast your self-doubt kicks in and your mind goes to work against you. That’s why you have to move even faster. And that’s why the 5 Second Rule is such a game changer.

When you start counting backward, you interrupt the habit of overthinking, you assert control, you focus yourself on taking new action, and you activate a different part of your brain."

Working with real people and their authentic, relatable problems, Mel is introducing a new TV series that promises to deliver light hearted funny moments with practical advice.

Weekdays beginning September 16th, she will be bringing that inspiration to a new daytime, nationally syndicated one-hour talk show "The Mel Robbins Show."

Get more insights from Mel by checking out The Mel Robbins Show.

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