The three rules to the “road trip of life”

By: Life is Good

Life is Good Co-Founder, Bert Jacobs, shares his three rules to happiness on the road trip of life in his Villanova Commencement Address to the class of 2019.

1. Turn on the lights

"When you wake up in the morning make a decision. Your energy matters. You can be part of the pessimistic side or you can bring the positive energy. You can make a decision to be an optimist. Don’t ignore the challenges but choose to be an optimist and give off positive energy. Anybody who says miracles don’t exist is not paying attention."

2. Trust your navigation system

"Villanova’s values are not trendy. Villanova’s values are timeless. Be courageous. Be full of gratitude. Fight for what you believe in and work for a company that you believe in. Join an organization that is helping your community. Find your way with your navigation system. Know who you are and act like it."

3. Enjoy the ride

"You’re smart. You’re beautiful, every one of you—and you’re young. People tell them they need more and more stuff but as we get older we realize what we need is time to do what you love and be with the people you love. You should protect your time with your life because, ladies and gentleman, it is your life."

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