By: Tigisti Weldeab

Throughout the years, Life is Good has equipped me with the tools (or the “Superpowers,” as they’re called) for living a joyful and fulfilling life. Now I’m in a position to pay it forward by sharing my love for Life is Good, spreading their message of positivity, love, and kindness as a member of its #GoodVibesTribe!

If you’re curious which of the 10 Superpowers I most often practice to counter negativity and maintain optimism, here they are:

Tigisti holding sunflower


Gratitude is the most effective way to turn negatives into positives; all it takes is a simple mindset shift to focus on what’s good in life. Whenever I get overwhelmed, feel envy or fear, I name a few things that I’m grateful for and my mind instantly goes from a place of “have not” to a place where all of my “haves” seem to multiply. Some days it might feel like you can’t think of anything you’re grateful for, but listing even the tiniest of blessings can set you up for a huge mindset shift. At this very moment, I’m grateful for my friend Christina, my beautiful baby boy who’s turning 10 months this week, and this delicious ginger coffee I’m sipping.

Daughter holding sunflower


I’ve never considered myself creative in the traditional sense, but I’ve come to express my creativity through cooking, as well as thinking up ideas for my business and blog. When I’m immersed in the act of creating, I escape from negative media, the demands of life, and worrying about the future. I get lost in my work and actually have something to show for it once I’m finished.

Sister and brother playing


Fun is contagious. When I’m having fun—whether it’s through outdoor play, dancing to great music, or hosting a dinner party—my positive vibes also infect those around me. Whenever I get stressed out, one thing I like to do is put on the song “Happy” by Pharell Williams and dance like crazy with my kids. Ten minutes later, we’re all laughing and full of energy. Try it!

Mom with daughter and son


I’ve always considered myself a compassionate person, but for a long time I didn’t extend that compassion toward myself. I would try to put myself in others’ shoes and be kind to others, but I would be hard on myself for the mistakes I made and any instance in which I didn’t meet my own high expectations. I struggled with self-forgiveness. These days, I’m reminding myself that, like love, compassion starts with one’s self. You can’t give something to others that you don’t have yourself.

Mom on stairs with children


Since becoming a mom, I’ve been working on simplifying my life. I’ve decluttered my home of “things” that I don’t consider beautiful or useful. I’ve tightened my social circle and grown protective of my time. Lately, I’m getting into the habit of unplugging, often journaling as a way to declutter my mind and saying, “No thank you,” to people and things that don’t add value to my life.

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