Created by the Life is Good Playmakers, a 501(c)3 nonprofit with 30+ years of experience creating joyful learning environments for Kids.

100% of the proceeds go to the Life is Good Playmakers to help Kids heal from poverty, violence, and illness. 


This classroom kit for grades K-5, was created to help kids and teachers activate the social and emotional traits (we call them Superpowers) that make life good in schools. 


100 activities aligned with the 5 core competencies of social and emotional learning, a robust library of online resources, 11 classroom posters with classic Life is good art and messages, collectible awards for kids, great swag, and full access to the virtual Life is Good Superpower Academy for teachers.

Who are the Life

is Good Playmakers?

For over 30 years, The Life is Good Playmakers have provided professional development training, resources, tools, and ongoing coaching for more than 16,000 childcare professionals. We help these professionals transform their schools, camps, and after-school programs into optimal environments where kids can learn, heal, and thrive.

Our signature approach is designed to elevate joy, social connection, empowerment, and engagement and has been widely adapted as an effective response to the social and emotional needs of children deeply impacted by poverty, violence, and illness.



“The superpower framework wraps up everything that we stand for in the business of education in a fun, accessible way. It’s not a new program. It’s an operating system that makes what we do even better.” 

– Tom Welch, Principal of East Street Elementary School


“The Playmakers Program is absolutely the most amazing program that I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve been doing this work for 30 years.” 

– Pam Mottley, Mississippi State Early Childhood Institute

“Every single day that we have our kids matters, every minute matters, every hour matters. Yes, we have the content that we have to teach, but we also have the person we have to build. This created an organized framework to set upon the 10-month school calendar and explore social and emotional themes more deeply.”

– Dr. Scott Morrison, Superintendent of Tri-Town School Union 


“They are something that can relate to kids K all the way up to 12…They fit organically into whatever you’re teaching.”

– Sarah D’Orio, Teacher

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