Must hear back-to-school tips curated by Steve Gross, MSW, and the team at the Life is Good Playmakers, who have been bringing joy and optimism to schools, communities, and front line caregivers for over 30 years.

With all of the anxiety and unknowns, re-opening schools in the age of COVID-19 is going to take all of the optimism educators and parents can muster. 

Life is Good Playmakers is here to help! Join us as founder and Chief Playmaker, Steve Gross, delivers a back-to-school kickoff presentation like no other – a large dose of optimism along with concrete tips to create joy, connection and empowerment for ourselves and our students – whether we are in person or remote.

An optimistic disposition enables us—through everyday and extraordinary struggles—to look for the goodness in ourselves, in others, and in the world around us. For professionals working with young children who have experienced trauma, optimism isn’t just a critical tool; it’s the pathway to healing for kids in need. 

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Teacher Casey R.

A Teacher’s Tips for Staying on the Sunny Side

  • Keep the main thing the main thing: the students
  • Enjoy the journey (and encourage your students to, too)
  • Remember why you started teaching

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    Our mission is to to harness the power of optimism to create healing, life changing relationships for kids in need. We started as a one-hour playgroup for homeless children in Boston and over the last 30 years we have evolved into a national organization that partners with childcare organizations to improve the quality of care delivered to children whose lives have been deeply impacted by the trauma of poverty, violence, and/or illness. Through a series of transformative workshops, retreats and ongoing coaching, we help childcare professionals create safe, loving and joyful environments for children to heal, grow and thrive.  Perhaps most importantly, we help these care providers tap into their own sense of optimism so that they can bring their most positive disposition to their work each day. 

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