Outstanding Human Services Require Outstanding Humans

To be effective in caring for kids, our disposition is just as important as our skills. The Playmaker Program revolutionizes the focus of professional development for childcare professionals by focusing on the disposition, approach and wellness of providers in service of their work. Our work is grounded in the belief that to better care for kids, we must better care for the adults who serve them.

Our signature partnership model aimed at building a sustainable community of practice within an organization breaks down into three distinct phases over 12-18 months.

Phase 1

Phase 1 focuses on relationship building & introducing our philosophy & framework to both leaders and staff. We align with senior leadership, establish an evaluation plan and deliver a kick-off experience that boils down 30+ years of field research into a 4-step framework for building optimal environments where everyone – kids and staff alike – can reach their full potential.

Playmaker 101: Foundations of Playmaking
In this half-day workshop, all staff are introduced to the Playmaker approach to trauma -informed, optimism-infused care and how to interrupt the cycle of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Participants walk away with shared framework for creating safe, loving, joyful and engaging environments where kids can heal, learn and grow.
Phase 2

Phase 2 focuses on implementation of the 4 Pillars of a Playmaker Practice that empower childcare professionals to build corrective, healing environments for children to learn and grow. LiGP works closely with leaders to identify a core team of staff that choose to deepen their practice by opting into a more intensive retreat as well as follow up assignments that asses and certifies them as “Life is Good Playmakers.”

Playmaker 202: Practice of Playmaking
In this 1.5 day workshop, staff dive into the core beliefs, dispositional behaviors, key activities and self-care practices that differentiate Playmakers. They practice applying a robust framework to adapt and “goodify” their daily activities and environments and develop a personalized self-care plan to sustain their energy and well-being in the field.
Phase 3

Phase 3 focuses on empowering and coaching a small group of Playmaker leaders to sustain a Playmaker Community of Practice within the organization. Through a customized training, targeted coaching and access to a starter kit of agendas & resources, this group of Playmaker leaders will be prepared to grow an active peer-to-peer learning community that regularly comes together to share & develop best practices around implementing the 4 Pillars.

Playmaker 303: Sustainability of Playmaking
In this customized, full day training, a small team of Playmaker Captains will create an action plan for developing a Community of Practice within their organization. Participants will also walk away with the resources and tools they need to both lead the Communities of Practice events and sustain themselves as the internal driving force of the Playmaker movement within their organization.