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Playmakers work to ensure life is good for all kids. Positive relationships with adult caregivers are the most critical component to successful early childhood trauma treatment.

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Light is most brilliant when contrasted with darkness.

Steve Gross

Optimism Over Adversity

Optimism is powerful. When human beings grow their capacity to see and focus on the goodness in themselves, others, and the world, their social, emotional, and cognitive superpowers emerge.

In the life changing relationship business, optimism is a required, pragmatic, and evidence-based approach to overcoming adversity. The Life is Good Playmakers take an optimism-infused approach to trauma-informed care.

young woman playing with a child

How We Work

The Life is Good Playmakers support childcare professionals and organizations to create life-changing relationships and optimal environments where our most vulnerable kids can heal, learn, and grow.

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Our Approach

Learn how we are revolutionizing the focus of professional development for childcare professionals and elevating the social-emotional wellness of both kids and staff.

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Our Solutions

After 30+ years of field experience, we've developed a 4-step framework for building optimal learning and healing environments.

How We Do IT

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Our Partners

Through partnerships with leading childcare organizations across the U.S. and Haiti, we help create safe, loving, joyful, and engaging environments where everyone - especially kids - can thrive.

Our Partners

Our Progress

The Life is Good Playmakers have provided workshops, tools, and ongoing coaching to childcare professionals. Together, we work to transform their care settings into optimal environments for kids to learn, heal and thrive.


Playmakers working in schools, hospitals, and social service agencies across the U.S. and Haiti.


kids each year who overcome trauma associated with poverty, violence, and illness thanks to Playmakers.


of childcare professionals report the Playmaker program has a positive impact on the social, emotional, physical well-being of kids they care for.


Playmakers on the Map

Hand-in-hand across the world, Playmakers are making an impact.

Playmaker Spotlight

woman playing tug of war with kids

Kim Whitmore

What I’ve learned is that once you know trauma, it’s even more essential to know (in the same kind of lasting forever way) compassion, humor, authenticity, fun, gratitude and above all else, love.

woman holding a balloon smiling

Riley Hammond

My work is to connect through play; to help kids and their families who come to the hospital—to receive treatment, undergo surgery, or understand a diagnosis—to feel safe and joyful, even amidst great stress. Part of that work is to displace the power of unfamiliar places and procedures, and return it back to our patients and those who love them.

woman making chirstmas cards with kids

Gina Fleurvil

There are a lot of assumptions made around the world about what kids in Haiti need. As someone who works closely with these kids every day, I can tell you that our kids need what all kids need: nutritious food, clean water, a warm, safe place to sleep, learn, and grow, time to play, and people who love them to play with.

woman helping children in the classroom

Lakia Small

I figured out that a big reason why the kids were connecting with me was because of how I was making them feel. Engaging them in a way that brought joy and laughter. I wanted to make my Headstart classroom a place filled with love, fun, and compassion – a place where kids could actually play.

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Join the thousands of Playmakers worldwide who are harnessing the power of optimism to help kids heal. Sign up for one of our public workshops below!

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Playmaker 101: The Healing Power of Optimism


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Compassion is a Superpower


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For Current Playmakers

Playmaker 202: Harnessing the Healing Power of Optimism

August 10th, 2021 - August 31st, 2021 


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