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Play is Essential

Through play, children learn about the world, about relationships, and about themselves. Play provides the building blocks for self-esteem, confidence, coping, many forms of social interaction, and it's essential for healthy development. Check out the resources below for new ideas for your classroom, or for use at home. 

Explore Games

Here are some of our favorite games in action with a group of awesome kids at a local school. As with all of our work it’s not only about what we do, but how we do it. Check out the tips and tricks these videos offer to help create joyful, connecting, engaging & empowering experiences.  

Hot, Hot Hands

Body Shakes


Looking for more games and activities? 

Check out some fun ways our Guide Team brought the Playmaker approach into everyday activities at home – and at work! – over the last couple years. These never get old.

More Chores Mom, Please

8 Ways to Play With a Laundry Basket

More Good: Activate Kids' Social & Emotional Superpowers

Explore how Teachers are activating kids social and emotional superpowers through some of our favorite Playmaker activities for the classroom with the Life is Good Superpower Kit.  Our Superpower Kit comes with online resources and printables to complement the activities. We’re bringing a few right here to you: check out some good tunes, good reads, and good art below!

Show Good: Optimism is powerful, but it can't just grow anywhere.

Life is Good Playmakers “toil in the soil,” creating safe, loving, joyful, engaging environments where optimism can take root and kids can heal, learn, and grow. A picture is worth 1,000 words. Here's our philosophy in one image.  

Optimism Tree Poster