We teach early childhood professionals to help kids heal from trauma.  

Building a Playmaker Movement

1 in 3 kids experience some form of life-threatening adversity like homelessness, abuse, or community violence. Research shows that a positive relationship with just one caring adult in early childhood can change that child's life entirely.

The Playmaker Project puts optimism into practice, providing training and support for a growing network of more than 16,000 professionals who create positive relationships and joy-filled environments that children need to heal, learn and thrive. We call them Playmakers.

Playmaker University

Playmaker University is an inspiring learning community for early childhood educators and care professionals that provides the additional knowledge, tools, and ongoing support needed to build healing, life-changing relationships. Playmaker U offers a certificate program, continuing education, and a supportive alumni community. 

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Playmaker U Virtual Building

About The Playmaker Project

We provide transformative trainings, tools, and ongoing coaching, to support early childhood professionals as they build life-changing relationships with children in their care. Our network of Playmakers helps over 1 million kids each year. 

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Playmaker reads a story to children