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PBS Roadtrip Nation: August 2007 PBS Roadtrip Nation: August 2007

PBS Roadtrip Nation: August 2007

8/1/2007 4:00

PBS Roadtrip Nation: Bert & John's Open Road

"You have to think life goes by pretty quickly and you have to think about when you’re old and gray, what will make you happy to look back and say you did it?"



Bert and John's Open Road

Bert and John Jacobs are Roadtrippers in their own right. Beginning in 1989, the brothers set out in an old van selling T-shirts across the East Coast. Although they were making no money, they were happy with what they had set out to do. Soon they realized they needed a theme, and threw a focus group and keg party in their backyard. The company name, Life is good., was born out of that party and inspired them to focus on creating their brand. Years later, Life is good. clothing is a thriving and successful retail business.