The kit includes: 100 activity cards aligned with the 5 core competencies of social and emotional learning, a robust library of online resources and printables to complement the activities, 11 classroom posters with classic Life is Good art and messages, collectible awards for kids, and great swag.



This kit also comes with full access to the Life is Good Superpower Academy, a series of bite-sized, on-demand learning experiences designed to help teachers grow their own Superpowers. Each course includes educational films that capture the art, soul and science of each Superpower and features interviews, research and evidence- based practices around putting these Superpowers into action.

What are the Life is Good Superpowers?

Optimism is powerful. We believe it is the foundation of social and emotional health.

When children are rooted in optimism, it enables them to access the ten most important tools they have – we call them Superpowers – to overcome obstacles and live a happy and fulfilling life: Creativity, Openness, Humor, Courage, Compassion, Simplicity, Fun, Authenticity, Love, and Gratitude. And unlike X-Ray vision or Herculean strength, these Superpowers are accessible to us all.

In a school environment, the Life is Good Superpowers offer a shared framework to make social and emotional learning fun for kids and staff alike. And guess what? When something’s fun, we want to do it more. And when we do it more, we get better at it.

This kit isn’t intended to be another thing to add to your already full plate. Aligned with CASEL’s 5 core competencies,

this kit serves to enhance the social and emotional learning priorities you already have in place by elevating joy, connection, and safety in the classroom through our signature play activities, products, and art. The 10 superpowers equate to 10 months of the school year, which means you get a chance each month to renew excitement and re-energize the school community under a shared theme.



For over 30 years, The Life is Good Playmakers have provided professional development training, resources, tools, and ongoing coaching for more than 16,000 childcare professionals. We help these professionals transform their schools, camps, and after-school programs into optimal environments where kids can learn, heal, and thrive.

Our signature approach is designed to elevate joy, social connection, empowerment, and engagement and has been widely adapted as an effective response to the social and emotional needs of children deeply impacted by poverty, violence, and illness.

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