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By: Life is Good Playmakers

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the landscape of life and meaning of optimism was forever changed for Haitians. But the Haitian people carry an undeniable resilience that’s a deep part of their history and character.

Life is Good Playmakers, trained to spread the power of optimism to children who need it most, formed a Playmaker Program in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to help ensure high-quality childcare even under the most difficult of circumstances. Ten years later, Playmakers in Haiti are known as Gerye Jwa – which directly translated means Joy Warriors, and that’s exactly what they are.

Regardless of what life throws at Haiti, Gerye Jwa always remembers the simple ways we can shift our mindset and refocus our energy. Every day they work with the children to find and nurture and spread that light.

A group of these Playmakers brought community members and artists together to create over 30 pieces of artwork to donate to the 7th Annual Art of Optimism Virtual Exhibition and Auction so together, we can continue our mission to help kids heal both in Haiti and in the US.

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Inspiration: This piece is inspired by the work that Gèrye Jwa/Life is Good Playmakers Ayiti is doing in the country. I see them as a superhero who carries the country and accompanies children from generation to generation towards a brighter future. As you can see, the shape on the superhero’s back is Haiti that he pulls out of a darker, more desertic place to lead it, along with the kids, to a lighter and greener place. For me, this is what the work of Gèrye Jwa/Life is Good Playmakers Ayiti is accomplishing in Haiti.

Artist: Carl Heins Desroches

“Here’s My Heart”

Inspiration: Unconditional Love is the inspiration behind that artwork.

Artist: Hanson Elyse

“Haiti Cherie”

Inspiration: This piece is inspired by the Love for Haiti, our country. It tries to capture the idea that if we love ourselves, the country and its environment will be more beautiful.

Artist: Alex David


Inspiration: This piece is trying to capture the hard work of women in Haiti to take care of their kids, to stay strong and beautiful despite all the challenges.

Artist: Esperanta Delmat


Inspiration: This piece refers to meditation in Haitian spirituality.

Artist: Tessia Theodore

“Sacred Fire”

Inspiration: This piece is inspired by the sacred fire that I believe we have in our Haitian culture and that is burning within ourselves as Haitians.

Artist: Tessia Theodore

“Blue Spirit”

Inspiration: The inspiration here is the spirits that are guiding our people.

Artist: Tessia Theodore

“The Energy”

Inspiration: The pure energy that emerges from the wilderness.

Artist: Tessia Theodore

“Lanp Tanbou”

Inspiration: This artwork is inspired by the importance of drums and lamps in Haitian spirituality

Artist:Tessia Theodore

“Bois Caiman”

Inspiration: This piece is inspired by the Bois Caiman Congress that lead to the Haiti revolution and liberation where drums and Haitian spirituality played an important role in mobilizing the slaves to fight for freedom.

Artist: Tessia Theodore

“Family Protection”

Inspiration: I am an artist of spirituality. Spirits and egregors are guiding me through my works as they are part of the great family of nature.

Artist: Tessia Theodore


Inspiration: This piece is inspired by the spiritual flow that connects everything

Artist: Tessia Theodore


Inspiration: The inspiration here is the diversity of Haitian traditional music still and creativity.

Artist: Dandine Murat

“Artistic Illusion”

Inspiration: The artist always takes an illusion from his/her own mind to convey it and/or transform it into art. As an artist, who also lives in his mind, I enjoy inviting others to share my illusions, or imagination through my work.

Artist: Samuel Charmant

“Aux Bercailles”

Inspiration: This piece is trying to send a message of hope to say that the light is coming soon despite all the darkness.

Artist: Junior Isaac

“Rare Nature Morte”

Inspiration: My inspiration for this artwork comes from my love for our traditional Rara celebration in Haiti.Those are some of the Rara musical instruments.

Artist: Moussa Louis


Inspiration: This is an invitation to look at others with more empathy because others also mirror to help you see yourself.

Artist: Dayana Etienne


Inspiration: Thinking of my extended family that lives far and separated from the rest of Haiti.

Artist: Seide Benoit

“Positive Aura”

Inspiration: On the aesthetic level, this painting is part of the surrealist tendency of contemporary art. The artist tries to convey a metaphysical message by representing through a symbolic chromatic scale the character’s aura through purple and its effects in his surroundings. The artist tries in this context to lead a spiritual quest in his pictorial approach.

Artist: Mitchel Monpremier

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