The Playmaker Program provides childcare professionals with transformative trainings, signature tools, and ongoing coaching, so that they can harness the power of optimism to build life-changing relationships that help kids heal. It elevates social-emotional wellness and trauma informed care throughout leading childcare organizations across the U.S. and Haiti. Our program also helps insulate professional caregivers from compassion-fatigue and professional burnout.

How It Works
We offer an optimism-infused approach to trauma-informed care and focus on the social-emotional wellness of both kids and staff.
Keynote Presentations
Communicating the power of optimism in building healing relationships with (and for) children.
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Organizational Workshops
Delivering half-day, full day and two-day retreats to empower staff with a shared framework to help kids heal.
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Public Retreats
Providing opportunity for childcare professionals from across the country to join our community and learn.
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Deep Impact Partnerships
Building a strong community of practice within organizations to create a unified, systematic approach to childcare.
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Digital Learning Experience
Allowing childcare professionals to learn, connect and engage with the Playmaker Program anytime, anywhere.
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