Playmaker Videos 

Playmakers across the United States, Haiti, and beyond are working to build the healing, life-changing relationships that kids need to grow, learn, and  thrive. Here's a look at their work, and their impact on the lives of children in their care. 

Featured Video: "Guardians of Childhood." In August 2022, Playmaker Project team members traveled to Poland for a training with caregivers from Lviv, Ukraine.

Erin & Annifreed


Tinna Brown

A Break in the Clouds: Movie Trailer

A Break in the Clouds, a documentary film by Aimee Corrigan and Franco Sacchi, tells the uplifting story of Mississippi's child at a time. The film captures the unique partnership between The Playmaker Project (then known as Project Joy) and Mississippi's heroic teachers as they work to restore joy to the children of Mississippi's Gulf Coast. 

Our Cause 

This is our cause. Learn more about the Playmaker Project, and why we do the work that we do.