Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

By: Life is Good

Dog lovers share a very special connection with Life is Good – they always have. They’re some of our most loyal supporters. We created Rocket (the Life is Good dog and Jake’s trusty pal) in 1999, and as he’s grown and evolved through the years, so has our strong bond with a wide and passionate community of people with canine companions.

Man with dog

Dogs teach us so much if we’re willing to heed their wordless wisdom. Surely the greatest teacher in the “School of authenticity” is a slobbering ball chaser with a perpetually wagging tail. Always watchful, never judgmental, dogs love without reservation. And they’re just as comfortable with who they are, too. Wide-eyed wonder comes easy when your tastes are simple and your mind is open to the joy of the moment. Dogs don’t worry about the past or the future. Their focus is fixed on the present, and faults are forgiven faster than the flick of a Frisbee. They’re always game to connect. Dogs not only accept what is, but they celebrate it whole heartedly. They’re never too proud to ask for what they need, and they’re always at the ready when we need them.

dog in back of car

And let’s be honest, we need them all the time. Which is one of the many reason, Life is Good has opened it’s doors for dogs as part of our day to day team. To say they are just as integral part of our team, as their human counterparts, would be an understatement. There is this amazing moment when Cousin Utah (Top Dog of Graphics) is taken off his leash each morning. He sets off on a lightning-fast lap around the office to say his hellos before settling in at his desk. Utah is one of the more outgoing dogs in the Life is Good office. Stella, a Bernese Mountain Dog, is a good-natured girl who quietly follows her mom around the office helping decide which product will be hit for the coming seasons. And then there is Bodie, who keeps the Customer Care Team spirits high by occasionally demands play breaks.

golden doodle baby

Dogs are human’s best friends, and best co-workers.  The cast of canine characters at Life is Good have given even more back to us. According to the folks at Fast Company, the research speaks for itself: decreased stress and increased productivity to start. It also encourages employees to get up from their desk for quick breaks and connects people who otherwise might not get to know each other.

Dog lovers of the world, unite!

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