Life is Good Social & Environmental Responsibility

To spread the power of optimism, we need a couple of basic things: a healthy Earth and healthy Earthlings. It's no secret we like to keep things light here at Life is Good, but when it comes to sustainability, we're serious about doing our part in cultivating responsible, humane, and ethical work conditions internally and externally.

We used the Fair Labor Association's Compliance Benchmarks to build our business standards, which call for fair and safe work environments, worker safety, positive environmental impact, and ethical business practices. All manufacturers who work with us agree to comply with these standards.

We're big supporters of the message: Do what you love, love what you do. It only makes sense that we believe all workers should have certain conditions of employment. Life is Good respects and promotes the rule of law including US federal, state, and local laws; the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and the International Labor Organization conventions, which establish international human and labor rights.

To ensure our supply chain complies, we conduct workplace assessments and factory audits that examine the following human rights issues: wages and benefits, recruitment fees (potential indicator of human trafficking), child labor, forced labor, discrimination, discipline, harassment or abuse, freedom of association, and working hours. If any of these issues are found, we work with factories to improve. We reserve the right to terminate our relationship if factories fail to meet these standards.

When it comes to optimism, we want people to follow in our footsteps without seeing a huge carbon footprint. Life is Good is committed to continuing to support sustainability progress across our entire product lifecycle. There's always room for improvement, and we continue to build on our environment sustainability practices. Here's what we're up to on that front:

  • To further cut down on waste, we’ve stopped individually poly-bagging the items we ship to our customers.
  • We only use inks and dyes that are phthalate- and cadmium-free. Any potentially hazardous ingredients in inks and dyes must be eliminated or below levels at which they’re known to cause harm to consumers or manufacturing workers.
  • 80% of our product assortment is made from USA-grown cotton.

We prioritize working with partners whose management systems demonstrate an environmental commitment and who make an effort to continuously evaluate, implement, and improve their environmental performance.

  • Our largest manufacturer has been approved by the Higg Index for their social and environmental practices
  • Our main manufacturers use alternative power sources, like solar, to help offset the use of traditional power sources
  • Our apparel manufacturers retreat/ recycle the water used for dying fabric as well as garment washing
  • Our apparel manufacturers recycle the scraps from the cutting tables
  • Our manufacturers utilize recycling programs though out the facility