Why Humor is Seriously Good For You

By: Life is Good

We all love to laugh. It just feels good. And we always remember the funny things, because we want to laugh again. Laughter is also the great connector. We love to share laughs with friends, old and new.

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Humor also happens to be seriously good for you.  Laughter has therapeutic value and promotes overall health and wellness.  When we laugh it actually changes our body chemistry in very positive ways. Laughing regularly reduces stress and anxiety, releases muscle tension, boosts our energy, lowers our blood pressure, improves overall cardiac health, triggers the release of endorphins and dopamine (our natural happiness transmitters), strengthens our immune system, and helps us sleep better.  Now that’s a superpower!

Get Your Vitamin L

When most people think about health, they focus on nutrition and exercise. Don’t forget about laughter. It may just be your quickest and most enjoyable way to positively impact your health. Take care of yourself by tapping your favorite sources for a good laugh — from your favorite writer, filmmaker, comedian, site, or show, to your craziest co-worker or funniest friend.  You’ll find your strength and energy grows when your laughter flows.

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Bring it Home

Bring some laughter home to the people you love. Of course you might have any number of important matters to address with them, but first give five minutes to connect and lift the mood with something funny. Trust us, the serious stuff will go much better if you do. And kids thrive on silly, so if you have little ones around, shake off the furrowed brow (or just turn it into a gorilla or robot face) before you re-engage at day’s end. Rhyming, singing, or just making up outlandish proclamations is highly encouraged. “All baths shall be taken in either mustard, relish or dragon brains tonight!”

The Dad Joke Challenge

Lighten up the mood at home by playing one of our favorite games: The Dad Joke Challenge. In the video below, Life is Good Kids Foundation Chief Playmaker and Clinical Social Worker Steve Gross plays with his son Mookie, as his two younger kids, Daisy and Ben, help hype up the crowd.

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