Music Unites Us

By: Brian King

As a writer, there is undeniable power through words, but music moves us in a way that words often do not. And with this global pandemic canceling what is traditionally music festival season, I’m reminded just how powerful music is in uniting people, and how performing in the Life is Good house band created an opportunity to connect and form new friendships with my co-workers.

The Life is Good house band performing in our office Tavern

In honor of the 25th-anniversary of Life is Good, my Life is Good house-bandmates and I wrangled together a motley crew of brave folks from each department to perform three songs in front of the entire company with little-to-no-rehearsal and varying degrees of musical skill. No pressure, right?

It would take a LOT of optimism to pull this off. Oh, and our Co-Founders, Bert & John, would like to join us to perform a cover song that they wrote new lyrics to the night before.

Showtime. The gig was a success. Then came the shouts.

Typical of a well-deserved milestone celebration — and a few libations — our three songs evolved (or de-evolved depending on who you ask) into a hilariously shambolic singalong of whatever tunes our amped-up audience demanded requested.

“Play more!”

“Keep going!”

I asked my bandmates, “Who knows ‘Hey Jude’ by The Beatles?” No response.

Luckily, I’ve played in many cover bands and remembered it. I banged out the opening chords before the group quickly jumped in and NAILED IT. The thin line between spontaneity and chaos is often the most exciting part of a performance for both the audience and the performer.

Our entire Good Vibe Tribe were on their feet, singing those endless “Na, na, nas” and sharing in the pure joy and unwavering optimism of this 53-year-old song.

Did everyone know the lyrics? Of course not, and it didn’t matter. Music transcends time, age, gender, nationality, and even if you’re “more-of-a-Rolling-Stones-kinda-person.”

Music is powerful, and studies have shown that music can change your mood and ease depression. It can also improve blood flow and lower your levels of stress-related hormones like cortisol.

It will take time, but like so many others, I’m looking forward to better days when connecting in person with good tunes (and cold beverages) is the ‘new normal.’

Meet the LIFE IS GOOD House Band

Brian King

Copywriter, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys

Member since: 2019
Favorite House Band memory: Since I already shared my favorite house band memory, here’s a real-life band memory: I got to open up for my all-time favorite band, The Beach Boys
Currently listening to: New music from my band, Parks
Life is Good because…music and sharing my creativity with others.

Senior Graphic Designer, Guitar

Member since: 2000
Favorite House Band memory: Playing Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke” at Jake Jam
Currently listening to: Chris Stapleton
Life is Good because… family, friends, and great music.

Linda Shore

Director of Web Operations, Drums

Member since: 1998
Favorite House Band memory: Playing at our sales meeting. It was super fun seeing our Co-Founders Bert and John  sing Lady Gaga’s “Shallow”
Currently listening to: Kaiser Chiefs
Life is Good because… we get to experience love, sadness, happiness, achievement,  loss, and everything a lifetime can teach.

Bill W Drums

Senior Graphic Designer, Drums/Percussion

Member since: 2016
Favorite House Band Memory: I was the catalyst/instigator for getting Steve and Sam to play together for the very first time. Both are excellent musicians and had worked together for over da ecad, but had never jammed together.
Currently listening to: “Where’s Captain Kirk?” by Spizzenergi, a silly tune I’d include on mixtapes back in high school. Lately, I have been enjoying a lot of The Jam’s earlier songs.
Life is Good because… it just is. Everybody knows that, right?

Sam K Keys

Senior Graphic Designer, Keys, Tambourine, Cowbell, Emotional support

Member since: 2008
Favorite House Band memory: Life is Art two-ish years ago with Jordan Holly fronting the band
Currently listening to: Amos Lee
Life is Good because… I get to draw pictures every day!

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