Costa Rica Should be Your Next Vacation. Here’s Why.

By: Nia Howard

When I was last in Costa Rica, I’d met an expat from the U.S. who decided to move there permanently. She told me that she believed people were like plants; that each person thrives in a certain environment whether it be the beach, mountains, forests, and so on. She had found her perfect place in Costa Rica, and looking around, I realized she’d found the ultimate spot—this place had a mix of everything.

That said, when people ask me for trip recommendations, I like to suggest Costa Rica, especially for groups. It has something for everyone: the adventurous traveler, the safari traveler, the traveler who wants to laze around for the entire vacation (no judgement here). It’s all there in one place.


Have you ever heard a howler monkey barking in the distant trees? Well, it’s sort of terrifying, but in an incredible way. It’s hard to capture the sight of sloths and monkeys swinging overhead, the toucans chatting through rainbowed beaks, or someone’s face when they see an animal they didn’t even know existed (coatis? kinkajous? What are those?). The wildlife in Costa Rica is unparalleled. And you don’t have to go anywhere in particular to see it, just step outside and the wild will come to you.


Finding your beach has never been easier. From the Whale Tail beach in Uvita where two currents meet on the shore to the hidden beaches in Manuel Antonio National Park (where yes, feel free to take a 2-hr nap), you can find the perfect spot to either float in the still waters or catch the perfect wave.


Yes, go chasing waterfalls— Costa Rica is the perfect place to do it. You can find hikes that lead to the most beautiful watering holes (waterfalls included), four-wheel through mountains, beaches, and remote villages. And an absolute must for the adventurous explorer? Zip-lining through the rainforest. Costa Rica is a country with endless outdoor activities.

Sold? Of course you are. So now the only thing left to do is plan your trip. Understandably, it can be difficult to figure out how to fit all of this activity in one vacation. Cue Austin Adventures, who has the perfect Costa Rica itinerary all mapped out—you just need to show up and enjoy the ride.

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