Staycay All Day

By: Life is Good

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the benefits of an outdoor summer oasis. Life is Good’s Director of New Business, Susan D., shows us how to turn your backyard into a staycation paradise. Recreate this simple setup in your backyard or on a smaller scale at the park or on the beach. At the end of the day, staycation is a state of mind.

Susan DeMarco

Susan’s Backyard Setup:

Susan D Staycation Set up
  • Light summer snacks (fresh fruit, charcuterie, homemade popsicles)
  • Wine, beer, sangria, or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage
  • Lawn or deck furniture
  • Outdoor pillows or cushions
  • String lights
  • Cornhole (or other backyard games)
  • Summer good vibes playlist
  • Good company (make sure to practice safe social distancing from those visiting from outside your household)

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