Talking to Kids About Racism

By: Life is Good

We need to talk to our kids about racism.

To fight racism effectively, we need to tap into the power of optimism. Not the “everything will be okay” type of optimism, but the type of optimism that will keep us believing in a better future and fighting to create real change. We also need to engage our courage Superpower to have the tough conversations, again and again. Life is Good Kids Foundation Chief Playmaker and Clinical Social Worker Steve Gross shares his thoughts and anecdotes that help when talking to kids about racial injustice and violence against Black people.

Activate your optimism and tap into your Superpowers to:

  • Learn first, then teach. Take the time to educate yourself, and then spread this knowledge to others.
  • Focus on the good. Amplify the voices of Black leaders and grow a new, better world together.
  • Address issues as they come up. Know that it’s not a one-and-done conversation, but rather a lifelong learning process.
  • Model respect, openness, and kindness to all. Our kids are always watching, so let’s show them how it’s done.
  • Stand up to all injustice—big and small. Use your voice!
  • Diversify your life. Read books by Black authors, watch movies with Black casts and directors, and listen to podcasts led by Black leaders and teachers.

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