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The Life is Good Playmaker Community is a growing network of 16,000 professionals who dedicate their lives to helping kids across the United States, Haiti, and beyond (including recent work in Ukraine). From our offices in Boston and Haiti, to classrooms and spaces across these countries, and elsewhere in the world, we're working every day to educate and power professionals who are building the healing, life-changing relationships that help kids grow and thrive. 

Meet Our Team

Our mission: to spread the power of optimism to help kids heal. 

Meet Our Team

Playmaker Stories

In their own words, Playmakers share why they became Playmakers. 

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Learn About the Playmaker Project in Haiti

Gerye Jwa (which directly translated from Creole means "Joy Warriors") Playmakers dedicate their lives to helping the children of Haiti find joy and have the childhood they deserve.

Gerye Jwa

Learn About Playmaker Project Work in Ukraine

Guardians of Childhood, a partnership with Ukrainian children's charity Ridni, provides Playmaker Training to Ukrainian child and family services providers. 

Guardians of Childhood

Ukrainian child and family services providers at Guardians of Childhood retreat