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Playmaker Training for Schools & Organizations

Our learning experiences are designed primarily for schools and organizations that work with children 0-10 and welcome cohorts of at least 15-20 staff members. What we offer is not a curriculum or program to “add” to your already full plates. We offer a framework to enhance your existing priorities and increase the social and emotional wellness of both kids and staff. All while having a whole lot of fun. 

"Outstanding Human Services require outstanding humans." -Steve Gross

To be effective in caring for kids, the disposition and energy we bring into our work is just as important as our professional skill set. The Playmaker Project revolutionizes the focus of professional development for childcare professionals by focusing on the disposition, approach and wellness of providers in service of their work. Our work is grounded in the belief that to better care for kids, we must better care for the adults who serve them. We also teach practices staff can use to support their own personal and professional wellness, reduce burnout, and keep joy and optimism at the center of their work.  Partner with us to discover the power that play and optimism can have in your schools, centers, and organizations. 

Our Offerings

Keynote Presentations | virtual or in-person

The Power of Optimism Keynote (60-90 minutes): Optimism matters. An optimistic disposition enables us - through everyday and extraordinary struggles - to look for the goodness in ourselves, in others, and in the world around us. For professionals working with young survivors of trauma, optimism isn’t just a critical tool; it’s the pathway to healing for kids in need. This inspiring, interactive 60-90 minute presentation helps individuals discover the power of optimism to create safe, joyful, engaging environments where kids can grow, heal, and learn. Using research, humor, and personal stories from +30 years in the field, Playmaker Project Guides share how optimistic individuals can bring out the best in their students, colleagues, and leaders. 

Organizational Workshops | 90-min (virtual), 3-hour (in-person), 1-day offerings (in-person)

Help Kids Heal: 4 Key Ingredients: We've boiled down 30+ years of field experience into a 4-step framework for building corrective play experiences that help childcare professionals build healing relationships with children. Through a thoughtful blend of fun, experiential activities and discussions, staff will explore ways to enhance joyfulness, social connection, internal control, and active engagement in their work with kids and walk away with concrete tools to apply…well…the very next day.   

2-day Playmaker Retreat

This retreat is designed to equip & empower early childhood professionals with the knowledge, tools, and activities they need to build healing, life-changing relationships with kids at the most critical time of their development. In this inspiring, rejuvenating experience, staff will get to play together, learn together and gain a wealth of practical tools and techniques to create optimal, healing environments that protect and insulate children from the negative impacts of trauma. They will also develop a personalized plan to support their own social and emotional wellness that will help sustain their energy in this work. After attending this signature program, staff will get to join a life-long learning & support community and gain access to advanced trainings, community events, and coaching as a trained Life is Good Playmaker. 

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“...Absolutely the most amazing program that I’ve ever encountered & I’ve been doing this work for 30 years.” - Pam Mottley, Mississippi State Early Childhood Institute

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