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For schools and organizations with at least 20-25 staff, we offer a more customized journey through Playmaker University that blends our signature online certificate program with transformative, in-person experiences just for your team. What we offer is not a a curriculum to "add" to your already full plates. We have a unique focus on the emotional health of childcare professionals and teach the art, soul, and science of building healing, life-changing relationships that can enhance any of your existing priorities. Our training has been proven to reduce burnout, improve student-teacher relationships, and better support the social-emotional wellbeing of kids and staff alike. All while having a whole lot of fun. 

Our Offerings

The 2-Day Retreat + Online Coursework | Up to 40 staff 

In the words of Bob Marley, ‘who feels it, knows it.’ In this rejuvenating retreat, your team will get to play, connect, and reignite their passion in this work. Staff will learn our trauma-informed, play-based approach to creating optimal environments where children can heal, learn, and thrive by experiencing it in action. More importantly, they will get to innovate with their peers around implementation and how to apply the Playmaker approach to all of their daily practices. And since happy and healthy adults are more likely to nurture happy and healthy children, participants will create a personalized plan to support their own social and emotional well-being. This plan will focus on how to combat burnout more effectively and sustain their energy in this demanding work. Following the retreat, staff will gain additional evidence-based tools and techniques through highly practical, interactive online coursework that is rich in real-world scenarios, original videos, and reflective journaling. 

The 1-Day Conference + Online Coursework | Up to 100 staff

This full day, in-person workshop is designed to spark joy, deepen connection, boost morale, and reignite their passion in the field. Following an inspiring keynote to kick off the day, staff will participant in two interactive breakout sessions – one that focuses on games & activities to play with kids and another that focuses on helping staff tap into their own playfulness. Why? Because play is the language of children. And as Playmakers, we need to speak it fluently.  Staff will walk away with practical tools and a deeper understanding of the Playmaker approach for creating corrective play experiences that help children heal, learn, and thrive. They then get to continue their journey and deepen their learning through our world-class, online certificate program that can be done anytime, anywhere.

The 3-Hour Workshop + Online Coursework | Up to 50 staff

We’ve boiled down 30+ years of field experience into a 4-step framework for building healing, life-changing relationships and experiences with children. Through a thoughtful blend of play, teaching, and discussions, staff will experience the Playmaker approach in action and explore ways to enhance joyfulness, social connection, internal control, and active engagement in their own work with kids. They will then get to continue their journey online at Playmaker University and gain the additional knowledge and tools they need to tackle the children’s mental health crisis and help kids heal and learn through play.  

The 1-1.5 Hour Keynote Presentation + Online Coursework | For as many as you'd like.

Well, as many as you'd like comfortably. Kick off your team’s Playmaker University journey with an inspiring, interactive presentation that helps them discover the power that play and optimism can have in your schools, centers, and organizations. Using research, humor, and personal stories from the field, Playmaker Project Guides will introduce the Playmaker approach for creating safe, joyful, engaging environments where kids can heal, learn, and thrive. Staff will then get to complete our online certificate program to gain evidence-based tools that will equip and empower them to more effectively serve children with growing challenges.

The Virtual Kickoff + Online Coursework | 1-Hour. Anytime, Anywhere.

For those who can’t bring their staff together in-person in a room, we’ll come to you (virtually) wherever you are! In this 1-hour experience, the Playmaker Project team will create an opportunity for staff to connect, have a little fun, and kick off their learning experience together. There will be music. There will be games. There will be answers to any and all questions to ensure your team has what they need to be successful in their online learning journey through Playmaker University.

Don't have the hours or resources to commit to a Playmaker University Cohort?

Check out one of our additional, a la carte offerings below. Please note that these offerings are designed primarily for schools and organizations that work with children 0-10 and have at least 40 staff. Following the experience, all staff will be invited to join the movement by applying for Playmaker University. Please note that our scholarship fund is reserved for Playmaker University cohorts. These offerings are packaged with 4 scholarships to Playmaker University (virtual path only). 

Customized Keynote Presentation | 1-1.5 Hours | Virtual or In-person

Introductory Workshop | 90-Min (virtual), 3-Hour (in-person), 1-Day (in-person)

Online Foundations Course* | 3-Hours | Self-paced or with live kickoff (virtual)

*This course can be applied toward 3 hours of the Playmaker University certification program.

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“...Absolutely the most amazing program that I’ve ever encountered & I’ve been doing this work for 30 years.” - Pam Mottley, Mississippi State Early Childhood Institute

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