Life is Good has brought together a diverse and inspiring team of athletes to represent a range of backgrounds and abilities, showing the many ways a resilient and optimistic mindset can positively impact one’s physical and mental growth.


Asheton Brown

Athlete and coach who leverages fitness as a way to help heal and build self-worth

Akuna Robinson

First African American male to complete the Triple Crown of Hiking

Colette Giaramita

Dancing elliptical queen encouraging others to pursue health and weight loss from a new perspective

Amy Van Dyken

6X Olympic gold medalist, motivational speaker, competitive adaptive athlete, and founder of Amy’s Army

Mirna Valerio

Ultra-marathon runner, best-selling author, and founder of Fat Girl Running

Alex Weber

American Ninja Warrior and international speaker who inspires students to embrace “failing up”

Zehra Allibhai

On a mission to redefine how we think about athletic spaces and communities.

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