Life is Good: Fuel Stories

The best speakers are good storytellers, and the best leaders are good storytellers. So, we're excited to announce that Life is Good President, Lisa Tanzer will be the keynote speaker at IEG World 2020 on April 27–29.

A unique conference experience unlike any other, IEG World, showcases brands and rightsholders that are using the power of partnerships to fuel growth, connect with new audiences, strengthen their brand purpose, and tap new revenue streams. Audience members will leave with lessons on how the power of relationships and storytelling can propel business growth and social good. 

In her talk, Lisa will share the innovative story, and humble beginnings behind Life is Good, the $100 million positive lifestyle brand dedicated to spreading the power of optimism. She'll share how Life is Good fuels one of the most engaged communities on social media and partners with other brands and influencers to transforms millions of lives through its for-profit and non-profit work through The Life is Good Kids Foundation. 

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