Life is Good, the Apparel Brand, Built a Machine Powered by Happy Thoughts


Bringing the brand’s ethos to life

By David Gianatasio Apparel brand Life Is Good pours on the power of positive thinking in an unusual stunt that harnesses happy thoughts—well, brainwave patterns, actually—to turn on a tap and fill a glass of water. Hey, people. Advertising might not be rocket science. But sometimes, it’s neuroscience. Or something. Anyway, the brand, renowned for its T-shirts emblazoned with smiley faces and uplifting messages (it also donates 10 percent of profits to help kids), is making a push into Canada. As part of that move, it joined with ad agency The Garden and digital production firm Thinkingbox to create an “Optimism Machine.” Click here to read the full article and watch the “Optimism Machine” at work.

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