The Practicing Optimist: How To Fill Your Cup This Optimism Month

By: Matt Keohan

March is Optimism Month. 

As you can imagine, we’re pretty stoked about it. Ok, really stoked. 

Spreading the power of optimism has been our chief mission since the days of Discmen and dial-up when the Life is Good headquarters consisted of a rickety folding table at a Boston street fair and two brothers with high hopes and low account balances.

A lot has changed since ‘94, but our unwavering commitment to the practice of optimism has allowed us to prevail over stormy seas and savor still waters, all while creating rad tees and helping over 1 million kids in need every single year.  Yes, we still pinch ourselves. 

But enough about us.  Let’s chat about you. 

You may not even consider yourself an optimist. You may think possessing a positive disposition is an intrinsic trait, like eye color or blood type.  You may not even view our TacoCat tee as one of the greatest artistic masterpieces of our time.  This is a common outlook to have at the base of Optimism Mountain.

Truth is, 75 percent of optimism is non-heritable, meaning it is largely under our control. Optimism is a practice that functions much like a muscle—when exercised repetitiously, it builds upon itself.  When you commit to incorporating practices like a daily gratitude journal and reframing obligations as privileges, over time you’ll gain the tools to view even the most ordinary situations with splendor and gratitude. 

If you’re looking for a roadmap to kickstart your optimism journey, you’ve come to the right place. During Optimism Month (and beyond), we’ll offer various insights into optimism as a practice, and how you can bake it into your everyday routine.

Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok using hashtag #PracticingOptimist for:

  • Useful tips, tricks, and general optimism inspiration
  • Watch our most optimistic tee graphics come to life with fun and uplifting animation
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  • Life is Good Co-Founder John Jacobs will be dispelling myths and fielding all your burning questions about optimism (serious, silly, or strange) in our new "Ask An Optimist" series

Oh, and we forgot to mention: there will be dogs. Plenty of dogs. 

Happy Optimism Month! See you atop the mountain.

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