3 Ways To Tap Your Creativity

For twenty years at Life is Good, we have created almost every piece of art and editorial internally.  Not long ago, we decided we should be less restrictive.  We decided to swing the doors open, and collaborate with artists from all walks of life.  We’re excited about this.  We call it our Art House Strategy.  This new way forward embraces art in all its forms, including visual art, music, film, animation, poetry, theater and more. It’s the best way we know to bring people together in order to share new ideas, beauty and inspiration. It’s the best way we know to build a community of people who believe life is good.

1. Mind Your Space. 

Home, office, home office, studio, open floor environment or tight quarters? Wherever you do your thing, that physical space is also your mind space.  Your mind feeds off of the look, sound, smell, and feel of it.  Take a few fresh chances in your home or workspace with colors that lift your mood and inventiveness. The common, “safe” fallbacks tend to be neutrals, but beige surroundings can foster beige feelings and ideas. Who wouldn’t cancel a full day with beige to go to a meeting with green, or a party with yellow?  Think through all the choices for your other senses too, and “feed your creativity”. 

2.  Exploreate.

No, it’s not a word, but it should be — because creativity is an exploration.  Physically explore your world to ignite the creative spark.  For The Beatles, that meant exploring planet earth.  If you have that luxury, go for it.  But if not, exploring your hometown can do the trick just fine.  Kids need unstructured time to develop their imaginations and their own ideas, and so do adults.  If we pack our calendars from wake to crash, our creative muse is mush, crushed beneath the weight of checklists.  Choose a subject you love:  dogs, sports, cooking, dance, the ocean, history.  Whatever it is, get out and read about it, listen, watch, touch and above all, do.  There’s nothing wrong with exploring a bit online, but we’re talking about getting hands on in the real world here. Hit the bookstores, backroads, mom and pop restaurants, lectures, and acoustic cafes. There is inspiration all around you, especially when you dial your mind in on a subject you love.  “Not all who wander are lost” applies to your mind as much as your body.  

3. Team Up.

Creativity is not something to keep to yourself.  In fact, the more you use it and share it, the more you have.  Make the time to dig into your garden or toolbox, or reconnect with the crafting or guitar strumming that makes you happy.  And let it double as a social bonder by inviting others to join you. Not only does creative collaboration elevate your output, it builds quality bonds and trust. Connect, collaborate and create.

This article is excerpted and adapted from the book Life is Good by Bert and John Jacobs, published by National Geographic on September 1, 2015. Copyright © 2015 The Life is Good Company.

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