Positively Glowing Pumpkins

By: Life is Good

It’s October, which means spooky season is in full swing here in New England. Wherever you are this fall, we want to help you spice up your pumpkin game, and Life is Good Graphic Production Artist Julianna P. is here to show you how. She’s sharing her tutorial for glowing pumpkins, plus a stencil she made—inspired by her favorite fall Life is Good graphics—that you can print out and try at home.


  • Newspaper or plastic 
  • Pumpkin(s)
  • Carving tools
  • Bowl
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Candles


Click a pattern to print or download.


  1. Cut into and clean out your pumpkin
  1. Tape your stencil onto your pumpkin and use a poker or toothpick to poke along the lines of the design
  1. Get carving—stick with the traditional method, or try a glow-style jack-o-lantern
  1. Light ‘em up! Don’t forget to cut ventilation holes into the lid of your pumpkin—this will ensure that there is enough airflow to keep your candles brightly lit

Be sure to tag @lifeisgoodco in your positively glowing pumpkin creations on social—we love a good jack-o-lantern.

So much, in fact, that Life is Good hosted annual Pumpkin Festivals for years, and even broke the Guinness World Record for most lit jack-o-lanterns in one place at one time. There were 30,128 glowing pumpkins on an autumn night in 2006 on the Boston Common. The best part? We raised over half a million dollars for kids in need. Now that’s a GOURD thing. Let’s see how many positive pumpkins we can get glowing this year!

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