On The Road

By: Life is Good

Bert Jacobs with family and friends

Back when Life is Good Co-Founders Bert and John Jacobs were in the early stages of starting the company, they would take road trips up and down the east coast to clear their heads and look for inspiration.

When the coronavirus outbreak hit earlier this year, everything the Jacobs brothers thought they knew about running a business was thrown up in the air. And after 4 months of frantic, 7-day work weeks and lots of pivoting to keep the business moving forward, Bert Jacobs decided to take to the open road again to unplug and reset. Along the way, he learned that as everything seemed to change around him, one thing remained constant — the beauty of nature and its power to heal.

the RV stopped roadside

“After the shock of the pandemic, and a frenzy to help Life is Good adapt and survive the changes, I decided to get out of town on a cross country road trip from Boston to Utah, Wyoming, and Montana, and it was just what the doctor ordered,” shared Bert. 

Old barn found on a hike

“COVID-19 has certainly caused humanity to hit the pause button and reconsider everything we do, but I witnessed first-hand that the rest of magnificent mother nature keeps humming right along.”

Friends walking in the woods

“There’s nothing quite like a classic road trip to open your mind.  Long stretches of open roads under endless starry skies leading to deep forests, rushing streams, and towering mountains. Yes!”

Bert Jacobs, Life is Good Co-Founder

Did you find inspiration in nature or on a Summer road trip? Share your photos. 

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