Why we should look back to grow forward

By: Georgie Morley

“Each of us has a unique journey marked by experiences that shaped who we are." - Bert + John Jacobs, co-founders of Life is Good

If you’re on my Chasing Joy podcast, chances are I’m going to ask what you wanted to be when you were younger. It helps me to understand how someone grew to be the person they are now; how the things we cared about when we were young manifest in the things we care about as adults.

When people feel lost around their career or passions, it can help to look at what you did as a kid. What did you love doing for hours on end? Was it a team sport? Theater? While some of your hobbies won’t necessarily translate into a career, you can get insight into what you really love.

Georgie exploring in woods

As a kid, I was constantly creating. One year it was knitting, the next it was collaging, the next, clay jewelry. I had a fearless desire to share what I created. So much so,  I constructed an outfit entirely out of duct tape and wore the whole ensemble to school. During my sewing phase, I’d sell my handmade mini purses at local craft fairs. I wanted to make connections out of my creations.

That’s why it doesn’t surprise me that I do what I do now—creating and sharing. It’s always easier to see the connections between your hobbies and career looking backward, but I’d argue it’s a great place to look when you’re feeling lost.

Something I want to learn from my 11-year-old self is courage. I always knew I was a little different; heck, I rocked a buzzcut at age eight. But I was fearlessly myself.

Georgie looking up

I think 26-year-old Georgie could learn a lot from my younger self when it comes to expressing herself despite her fears. I knew that wearing a duct tape outfit wasn’t going to earn me a seat at the cool table, but I did it anyway. I think it’s time to show up just like I did then. Courageously and creatively me.

In the spirit of honoring your younger self, I’m excited to share that Life is Good has brought back some of its original designs to celebrate 25 years of optimism. Rock them how you like, and remember: Sometimes growth means honoring the parts of yourself that have always been true.

Georgie exploring in woods
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